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  • Drive and Enjoy
    and get back with nice takes

  • F-355 Spider: The best beauty ferrari, and the more expensive to mantenaince. Just 2500 units world produced only.
  • 4 seats 400 cv hp
    California T, soon available
    up to 3 and 4 people

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Passion & Enjoy with all our Tours around Barcelona
Live the experience of driving a Ferrari, feel the swaying and powerful roar of its 400-horse engine, its beautiful silhouette, in your favorite city, Barcelona. We have 3 different tours in the Catalan capital, starting at € 199 for a 60 minute tour (40 minutes + 20 extra) to € 299 for a full tour of almost 2 hours (90 '+ 20'). Option to go 1 copilot with you (ex. your girfriend) following us (in another car).
25' + 15'

40' + 20'
199 €

90' + 20'
299 €

Discover our Specialities

RESTAURANTS:The best restaurants in the city await your arrival, drive or let us pick you up at your home or hotel and make the way for a special luch time, because you deserve it. You can choose the restaurant that you like most from one of our selection, you drive, the driver will pick you up later in between an hour and a half and 2 hours, and will take you back to the hotel. RESERVE

MEETINGS / CONGRESS: Drive to the Barcelona fair / congress where you have to attend (CCIB forum, Fira I pz Spain, Fira II montjuich, Convention Center Juan Carlos I, etc ...), then we will pick you up between 1 and 2 hours to your choice. Available from 11:00 hr until 17:00 from L to V or until 13 hr on Friday (to avoid traffic). RESERVE

NIGHT FEVER: We take you to the best and most select area of the disco night, clubs, chicas, the leisure is waiting for you and nothing better than to start your own driving. We will be up to 4 hours with you, you drive to the first place of your liking, but convince you we will go to a second, then we let you have a good time, you will have the chauffeur waiting for you, then return to your home or hotel. This service includes by default, collection and return to door of address. ORDER

Raise the values of the speedometer heading for the Barcelona Airport Prat
Head to the airport and press the accelerator fully.
Put and listen to the pulsating 40-valve V8 engine and almost 400 hp. It is an unforgettable experience, and we'll leave you at the door of the terminal of your flight.
Are you several? no problem, you have the option that your family or friends will follow us in Mercedes E class (also ideal if excess luggage, because in ferrari only a small suitcase) and so that also a friend can drive the ferrari, or film ? no problem, on the way we can do 1 stop to change drivers
That you do not plan to catch a plane? ok siñore, we also offer roundtrip service for up to 3 drivers (2 stops + airport change).
Rental by hours for events or routes ENJOY
Rent for hours for events or routes. You decide the route you want to do. To amaze your friends, to have a detail or make a wedding gift, for whatever you like. By default all our services are with a guide / escort (Ferrari Barcelona staff), but the rental services for days or hours / weekands are given the option that you come to get and bring back the sport, so will be exclusiuvely for you in which case you must leave us a deposit.

Rent for days or weekend (without guide) VIP PASS
We offer rent for days (from 10.15 to 18:15hr), full days (10.15 to 10.15hr) even weekends, various modalities adaptable to the kilometer you can do.
Extras included by default, and many other options
By default all our services with guide include free video of your experience (recorded through the GoPro camera that we mount in the Ferraris), just give us a sd-card at the beginning, which you do not have? no problem we put it, then you pay us simply the cost of the card.

You have other options like the multi-camera service with video editing, where we put 3 cameras + 1 mobile and then we make a video editing with your favorite song.
Accompaniment for your friends or family in Mercedes E Class, which can be used to exchange drivers. Other option is for you with one copilot of your discretion following us, so you follow our car as guide, so you can enjoy with other one alone in the ferrari.

The one that we go to get you at the door of your hotel or apartment, etc.                     

You can complete your experience with any option that you can purchase when placing the order, or after you have done it.

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